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Toddler Struggles: Mom Sock Hack

Is it just me or does your toddler just absolutely love to tear their socks off? Like, as soon as you put them on? Or even better, as soon as you park and need to go into a store and you realize they threw both their socks and shoes off in the car? That's the story of my life these days! And let me tell you, I find that there are a lot of things that I have patience for when it comes to my kids. God has been teaching me to grow in this particular fruit of the Spirit ever since Addison was born. However, this is one of my biggest pet peeves. Even though Finn is just a newborn, his socks are also always off because somehow, I have no clue what happens, but they always fall off! No, the size isn't too big. They are the perfect size. It's just similar to mystery of the missing socks in your washing machine/dryer. They just vanish. No explanation!

The best socks ever, that will change the ENTIRE GAME are .... drum roll please.... SQUID SOCKS!

These socks a mama's dream! No matter how hard your little one tries to pull them off, they don't come off! This has been so helpful in not losing Addison's socks, as well as Finn's. You can cut costs by using these socks, because you know you won't be losing them all over town. Funny enough, Addison prefers these socks, despite the frustration she feels when she cant pull them off, because of the adorable squids on them! She has been asking for "quids!" for the past few weeks when I go to her socks. (If you didn't catch that, quids means squids haha) These are mom tested and approved!

What I love about this company is their passion to give back. For every pair of Squid socks sold, 10% of the profits will be donated to Ocean preservation. To find out more about this, visit their wesbite to read about the "Ocean Mission".

Use this link provided to purchase your own Squid socks! Buy yours now!


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